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A halfway house offers a step between leaving addiction treatment and entering fully back into everyday life. It’s a place where one can be surrounded by like-minded women, have access 24/7 to staff members and begin to take concrete steps towards rebuilding a life for themselves. In addition, female halfway houses offer numerous, possibly unexpected benefits like lasting friendships, an empowerment to living sober as a woman and the promise of a supportive, encouraging community.

1. Women-only facilities remove pressure and increase feelings of safety

For some women, their experiences with addiction or substance abuse included heartbreaking situations like sexual assault or domestic violence. In order to create an environment where these women feel safe and can heal more thoroughly and completely, it’s important to offer halfway houses only for women.

In addition, many recovery plans talk about how forming romantic relationships during treatment can seriously impede the progression of treatment. When there are only women present, the temptation to form romantic bonds with a man is removed, and the women can devote their attention more completely to their recovery journey.

2. Women can relate to women

It’s a simple fact that women have an easier time talking about their feelings and opening up about the on-goings of their hearts when they feel safe and comfortable. In an environment where only women are partaking in the discussion, the conversation can quickly move from surface level topics into deeper waters. Not only does this allow women to create strong bonds with those around them as they relate to one another and learn each other’s stories, but it very quickly leads to life-long friendships which are absolutely crucial to a successful recovery.

3. A supportive environment in which to continue sober living

Women, once they are comfortable in their environment, can begin to open up, even to the point of admitting their weaknesses – struggles with self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth. Women are inevitably skilled at tearing each other down, sadly, but they’re just as capable of building each other up when given the chance.

In the case of sober living, women can be incredibly impactful in the success of another woman’s sober living journey through words of encouragement, compassion and even praise. When women journey together, celebrate together and mourn together, they create a deep bond that offers support during difficult times and a friendship characterized by desiring the best for the other.

4. Concrete life skills training

In addition to the comfortable environment provided by a halfway house for women, they can benefit through the programs the halfway house offers – life training skills like job training, managing finances and setting goals.

If much of one’s life was dedicated towards feeding an addiction, some of these skills, or even the completion of one’s education, might have fallen to the wayside. Halfway houses provide the opportunity to practice these skills, like writing resumes, copy letters and practicing good interview habits. They offer concrete ways to manage money, like designing a monthly budget. Plus, women will learn how to set goals which aren’t just reasonable and manageable, but achievable based on where they are at in life.

5. Volunteer opportunities

Most halfway houses require volunteer time from all their residents as a way to reenter the community. Women will have the opportunity to engage in volunteer opportunities that help to remove the focus from themselves for a while and instead focus on others. It can be incredibly exhausting to persevere through recovery, so the time spent focused on a volunteer activity, such as helping at a local park or humane society, can provide clarity of mind and a new, healthy perspective on life.

6. MAT maintenance and education

For women who have come from addiction or substance abuse treatment with medication-assisted treatment needs, halfway houses are a healthy, safe place to learn more about MAT. They’ll also receive support and guidance while learning to incorporate this new habit into their life. Counselors can help come up with a medication management plan which suits each woman, as well as help them better understand what to look for, questions to ask and the best tips for making sure the medication benefits their recovery journey.

7. Relapse prevention

Halfway houses have a sober living policy, so no substances of any kind are allowed onsite. This can be incredibly beneficial to a woman recovering from addiction, as the temptation to use because of close proximity to substances is completely removed. Plus, through individual and group therapy, women can learn how to cope in a healthy way when substances are present when they reintegrate back into everyday life, such as alcohol at a work party or prescription medication at a friend’s home.

Learn more about Tradition Halfway House

Tradition is a female-only halfway home providing trauma-informed, person-centered treatment to give women the best chance at reintegration in a healthy, structured environment. To learn more about Tradition Halfway House or to speak with someone about addiction treatment, contact Pyramid Healthcare today at 888-694-9996.

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