Addiction Treatment Amenities and Accommodations

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Addiction Treatment Amenities and Accommodations

Successfully treating a drug or alcohol addiction is all about changing your life from the inside out—and from the outside in. Addiction treatment amenities and accommodations are important considerations when choosing a drug rehab program that will promote personal growth and improvements across the different areas of your life.

Addiction Treatment Amenities

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration stresses that a holistic treatment program offers the best chances for successful recovery.1 A holistic program addresses issues of body, mind, and spirit to meet all of your needs and improve all aspects of your life.

A high-quality treatment program will offer a range of addiction treatment amenities to complement traditional treatment therapies. These are likely to improve your engagement in treatment and may include:

Exercise areas

Exercise is an important part of treatment because it helps to reduce cravings and improve your mood and your overall health. An exercise room, gym membership, exercise classes or outdoor sporting areas like tennis or basketball courts are common addiction treatment amenities.

Daily yoga or meditation sessions

Yoga promotes mental and physical flexibility and reduces stress, while meditation improves self-awareness and helps your body better respond to stress. Many programs offer yoga classes and meditation sessions.

Acupuncture or massage

Acupuncture and massage have been shown to stimulate your immune system and reduce cravings as well as promote a calm, relaxed state of mind.

Recreational spaces

Rehab is hard work, and downtime is essential. However, boredom is a major trigger for relapse, so a quality treatment center will offer recreational spaces, such as a movie-watching area, a game room, conversation areas, reading spaces and a place to listen to music.

Tasty, healthy food

The food you eat in early recovery helps repair damage to your body, and it helps to keep your mood stable and improve mental clarity. A high-quality program will offer a varied menu of delicious, healthy foods at each mealtime.


A high-quality addiction treatment program understands that the environment is an important aspect of treatment. Environment affects mood and motivation, and it can make a big difference in the outcome of recovery. In fact, the findings of a study published in 2008 suggest that a positive and stimulating environment is a key factor in treating addiction.2

Ideally, a residential treatment center will offer comfortable, pleasant accommodations that are warm and welcoming and as far from institutional as possible. Living quarters should feel like home, and they should promote relaxation and comfortable, quality sleep. Meeting rooms should also be inviting, with comfy seating and gentle lighting. A program in a serene setting with appealing outdoor spaces fosters a positive state of mind and offers fresh air and a calming environment for reflection in nature.

Good nutrition is important in a treatment program, but the dining environment is also important. The dining room should provide a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere for sharing meals and conversation with your peers in recovery.

The Right Program for You is the Key to Successful Recovery

In addition to a range of addiction treatment amenities and welcoming accommodations, you should find a treatment program with licensed, experienced staff. Your treatment program should also use a research-based, holistic treatment approach and have a proven track record for treating addiction. The program should offer a high level of staff support and supervision, along with aftercare support once treatment is complete.

Find a drug or alcohol rehab program for you.


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