Being Grateful in the New Year

Published On: January 26, 2017|Categories: Recovery|
Being Grateful

Being Grateful Everyday

If I had one resolution request for each person in recovery, it would be to wake up every day with a feeling of gratefulness in their heart. Beginning each day with thankfulness tends to fill the days with more joy. This is not saying that you will not go through trials and tribulations throughout your recovery, but if you make it your purpose to find the good in all you do, your entire attitude and the world around you can change.

Imagine This

Imagine this scenario: you wake up 30 minutes late because you forgot to set your alarm, leaving you only half the time you need to get everyone ready and out the door. Your child can’t find the sneakers they need to wear for gym day. You finally get out the door to find that your gas light came on and you don’t have time to fill the tank, then you get to work only to find that you left your lunch sitting on the counter. Halfway through your work day, you get a call that your spouse was in a car accident. The vehicle was a total loss, but your spouse is safe. Later that night, you’re making dinner and helping the children with their homework, but you end up burning dinner because the math questions consumed your thoughts and you forgot about the lasagna in the oven. By this time, you are ready to call it a night but you have three loads of laundry that need to be done so everyone has the proper clothes for their day tomorrow.

After reading this scenario, what possibly could you be grateful for? Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive of each situation.

Instead of dreading that you forgot to set your alarm, be thankful that you got 30 extra minutes of rest to get through a busy day, and be thankful that you have a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in.

You couldn’t find your child’s sneakers: be thankful that your child has shoes that fit their feet and that they have the capability to physically participate in gym class.

Your gas light came on. Be thankful that you have a vehicle that gets you to and from where you need to go every day.

You left your lunch at home and you burned dinner. Let’s be thankful that you have a job to go to that allows you to have a steady income and that you have the resources to eat a hot meal each day.

Could this day get any worse? Your spouse was in an accident; yes, the car is totaled, but your spouse is okay. Cars and possessions can be replaced, but your loved ones cannot. At the end of the day you still get to hug your spouse and tell them that you love them.

Three loads of laundry when you just want to sleep: be thankful that you have warm clothes for you and your family to wear.

And most importantly, you made it through the day without compromising your sobriety, despite all the stress. Positive thinking helped you cope and allowed you to recognize that even on the worst day, there are still things to be thankful for.

It’s All In The Attitude

By changing your attitude, your mind will be set at ease and your worries can seem less daunting. Instead of being angry that your day was awful, you are now thankful that you and your family have what you need for a sustained life and each and every one of you is safe, healthy and loved.

Here’s to a positive outlook on life this New Year!

– Erin Bard
Administrative Assistant & Assistant Secretary, Pyramid Healthcare

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