Pyramid Healthcare Announces Reclamere Partnership

Published On: May 19, 2016|Categories: News|

Pyramid Healthcare’s IT department is proud to announce a partnership with data security specialists Reclamere.

In an effort to increase data security and protect confidential information stored on Pyramid Healthcare electronic devices, the IT department will leverage the expertise of Reclamere to implement a Data Security 360 model.

This model ensures Pyramid Healthcare will remain in compliance with HIPAA standards, and provides our clients with a measure of comfort and security knowing their personal health information will remain confidential.

Additionally, the partnership with Reclamere allows Pyramid Healthcare to discard decommissioned data containing devices and electronics in an environmentally-friendly manner. After securing and cleansing the data, Reclamere disposes of the equipment in compliance with EPA and other national and international environmental standards.

The data removal and device recycling process commences once an employee returns their equipment to the IT department. IT employees place laptops and other electronic devices in a convenient, secured holding bin that is picked up by Reclamere to ensure complete custodial control throughout the process.

By partnering with Reclamere, the IT department anticipates improved data security in a way that is both environmentally-conscious and convenient for employees.

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