After long-term substance abuse, the body can develop a chemical dependency to alcohol and drugs. Sudden removal—or withdrawal—of these substances from the body can cause physical discomfort or even death depending on usage.  Symptoms like fever, nausea, and seizures are common. One may also experience psychological symptoms like anxiety or depression while going through withdrawal.

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms without medical help can be difficult and even life-threatening. It can also lead to relapse, as an individual craves the drug or alcohol to make symptoms go away.

While the severity of symptoms is different for everyone, medically managed detox is often recommended for those who have a history of addiction. It’s a way to manage acute withdrawal symptoms in a safe and comforting environment with medical supervision.

Pyramid’s Approach to Drug or Alcohol Detox

Medical detox at a Pyramid Healthcare facility includes 24-hour nursing care, medications for pain relief, and a therapy component for the emotional challenges that clients may experience during this initial phase of recovery.

Steps in the detox process include:

  • Intake: Our intake process includes evaluation, diagnosis and assessment of treatment needs, and may include a physical examination and laboratory testing if necessary for treatment.
  • Observation: The medical team monitors the client’s course of withdrawal to ensure safety during the detoxification
  • Medication Services: An addiction-certified physician will oversee the prescription and administration of appropriate medication, as well as the assessment of any side effects and results of that medication.
  • Treatment Program: Clients will be encouraged to attend small educational groups that address addiction, coping skills, symptom management, and learning about community resources.
  • Discharge Planning: Following stabilization, our specialists will prepare the client for referral into another level of care or re-entry into the community, and address any special needs related community treatment, housing, and human services.

Our detox centers take Medicaid and commercial insurance. Our admissions department can answer any questions you have about insurance and payment.

To learn more about adult alcohol and drug detox programs at Pyramid Healthcare, complete our confidential contact form below, or call (888) 694-9996. Our knowledgeable, experienced representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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