Peer Support Services

Peer support improves long-term addiction recovery outcomes. Research has shown that pairing individuals struggling with a substance use disorder with peer recovery specialists as part of their treatment program reduces rates of substance use, increases engagement in treatment and increases school enrollment and employment rates.

SAMHSA studies have found that individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol use disorders who have access to peer support are more likely to experience the following:

  • Better relationships with care providers
  • Increased engagement in treatment
  • More satisfaction with treatment
  • Improved access to social supports
  • Greater housing stability
  • Decreased criminal justice involvement
  • Reduced relapse rates
  • Decreased emergency service utilization
  • Fewer readmissions to the hospital
  • Less substance use

Our Vision

At Pyramid Healthcare, our vision is an integrated approach that combines clinical treatment programming with consistent support and engagement by other individuals in long-term recovery.  This “Recovery 360” approach provides clients with the opportunity to meet with Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) throughout their stay, and even after graduating from our programs.’ve been through, but has overcome the same challenges.

What is a Certified Recovery Specialist?

Certified Recovery Specialists are trained and certified peer support professionals. Pyramid’s CRS team works closely with drug and alcohol counselors to offer a multifaceted approach toward recovery, running educational groups and meeting one-on-one with clients for individual coaching.

Certified Recovery Specialists serve as recovery coaches, resource experts, advocates and role models. They draw upon their own experience and knowledge to provide compassionate, empathetic and accountable support.

Support from the Certified Recovery Specialist is unconditional and their interactions with clients are confidential. Clients are able to be transparent and vulnerable, safe from stigma, with another person who not only understands what they’ve been through, but has overcome the same challenges.

Peer Recovery Support Services at Pyramid Healthcare

Pyramid Healthcare’s programs are staffed with Certified Recovery Specialists who are paired with clients when they begin treatment. Once an individual reaches out to Pyramid Healthcare for help and enters one of our programs, a Certified Recovery Specialist follows up promptly to check in and gather information about what resources this person currently has or may need in order to proceed.

Clients are offered recovery services:

  • When entering any level of care
  • When transitioning to another level of care
  • Upon discharge from a service
  • When choosing not to participate in a recommended level of care through our admissions process
  • When struggling with attending treatment

Asking for help with addiction and/or co-occurring mental health issues can be intimidating, but with the support of a Certified Recovery Specialist, our clients can be assured they do not need to navigate any step of the process alone. Because Pyramid Healthcare offers a complete continuum of care, our CRS team can provide continuous support throughout all stages of treatment as a client progresses on their recovery journey from detox to residential to PHP to outpatient to sober living and beyond. Even after treatment, clients can access unwavering support to help them avoid relapse regardless of whether they have safety nets or support from loved ones.

Additional recovery support services may include:

  • Peer visitors from resource centers, state offices, recovery houses and other treatment facilities to broaden understanding of recovery
  • Expanding support systems through community connection
  • Relationship and skill building for sustained recovery