For many individuals suffering from substance abuse, residential treatment (also called inpatient treatment) provides a safe and secure environment to take the first steps towards recovery. Adults in our inpatient programs live on-site in a structured setting where they will receive education, therapy and medical care to assist them in working through personal issues and ultimately overcoming their addiction.

Is This Treatment Right for You?

Many clients participate in inpatient rehab following drug or alcohol detoxification. Alternatively, it may be the first step in treatment and recovery.

During treatment other health and environmental issues may become more evident and require further evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Here are some other factors that may intensify the need for this level of care:

  • If individuals have tried rehabilitation before unsuccessfully, inpatient rehab may be recommended
  • Clients worry that daily stressors may inhibit their success in an outpatient rehab program
  • There’s a lack of an external support system
  • Individuals have a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression

Pyramid Healthcare’s assessment professionals work with you to determine what treatment option is best for you.

What Does Residential Treatment Look Like?

At Pyramid Healthcare, we focus on educating clients on the disease of addiction. We give them the tools and skills they need to be successful in recovery outside of inpatient treatment. Clients have access to gender-specific housing and amenities and participate in recreational activities.


One of the biggest differentiators of residential treatment compared to other treatment options such as outpatient programming is scheduling. Our treatment programs are based on strict schedules, and clients have minimal free time. This allows clients to focus purely on their recovery and wellness without distractions.

12-Step Philosophy and Counseling

Our inpatient rehab programs rely on the 12-step philosophy as an integral part of recovery. Clients attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous as part of their treatment regimen. They also participate in individual, group and family therapy throughout their stay.

Specialty Programs

Some of our inpatient treatment centers offer specialty programs. For example, women at our Langhorne location can participate in trauma-informed addiction treatment. Those interested in holistic therapy may like the offerings available at our Hillside location.

We have inpatient rehab centers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia that can help adults find the help they need to overcome addiction and find long-term recovery.

Want more information on inpatient treatment for you or a loved one? Call Pyramid Healthcare at (888) 694-9996. There is no obligation to enter treatment when you call.

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