Pyramid Healthcare Expands Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services to Spanish-Speaking Individuals in Maryland

Published On: May 17, 2024|Categories: General|
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In an effort to provide more inclusive and accessible care, Pyramid Healthcare is proud to announce the expansion of its drug and alcohol treatment services to Spanish-speaking individuals in Maryland. Recognizing the diverse needs of the local community, Pyramid Healthcare has implemented several initiatives to ensure that language barriers do not hinder access to quality treatment and support. 

Breaking Down Language Barriers with Propio Translation Services 

One of the significant steps Pyramid Healthcare has taken towards inclusion is the integration of Propio translation services into its admissions process. Spanish-speaking clients who reach out for help will be connected with Propio, a leading translation service, to facilitate clear and effective communication. This ensures that clients can express their needs, understand the treatment options available to them and receive accurate information about their care. 

Propio translation services play a crucial role in the initial stages of admission when clear communication is especially vital. The admissions process involves detailed discussions about the client’s history, current situation and treatment goals. By providing professional translation services, Pyramid Healthcare ensures that Spanish-speaking clients can engage in these conversations with confidence and clarity.   

Onsite Translation Services in California, Maryland   

Pyramid Healthcare’s California location has set a precedent by offering Propio translation services onsite. This initiative has proven to be highly effective in removing communication barriers between staff and clients who primarily speak Spanish. The success of this program in St. Mary’s County serves as a model for the expansion of similar services in Maryland.   

By having onsite translation services, clients can interact directly with staff members, participate in one-on-one counseling sessions and fully engage in their treatment plans. This level of personalized care is essential for building trust and ensuring that clients feel understood and supported throughout their recovery journey. 

Translation Devices for Group Sessions 

In addition to one-on-one translation services, Pyramid Healthcare provides translation devices for Spanish-speaking clients to use during group sessions. Group therapy is a vital component of the treatment process, offering clients the opportunity to share experiences, gain support from peers and learn from others’ journeys. However, language barriers can make it challenging for Spanish-speaking clients to participate fully. 

The translation devices bridge this gap by providing real-time translation during group sessions. This allows Spanish-speaking clients to understand the discussions, contribute their perspectives and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. By making group therapy sessions accessible, Pyramid Healthcare ensures that all clients can experience the full benefits of this therapeutic approach. 

Dedicated to Providing Inclusive Care   

Pyramid Healthcare is committed to providing inclusive care through language translation and beyond. Our organization recognizes the importance of cultural competence in delivering effective treatment. Staff members are trained to understand and respect the cultural backgrounds of clients, ensuring that care is tailored to meet their unique needs.   

By embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity, Pyramid Healthcare creates an environment where all clients feel valued and supported. The expansion of services to Spanish-speaking individuals in Maryland is a testament to the organization’s dedication to removing barriers and ensuring that every individual has access to the help they need. 

Impact on the St. Mary’s County Community 

The availability of Spanish-speaking services at Pyramid Healthcare is expected to have a profound impact on the community. Substance abuse and addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their language or cultural background. By providing accessible treatment options, our organization addresses a critical need and offers hope to Spanish-speaking individuals and their families.   

In addition to improving individual outcomes, Pyramid Healthcare’s expanded services will contribute to the overall well-being of the communities we serve. By supporting Spanish-speaking clients in their recovery journey, our goal is to build a healthier, more resilient community. Call us today at (301) 997-1300 to learn more about how we can help. 

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