Dispelling the 4 Most Common Myths About Detox

Published On: February 24, 2021|Categories: Addiction Treatment|
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Many of us have heard stories of bad detox experiences and ineffective treatment. How do we determine what’s true and what isn’t? Educating yourself on the reality of detox is important to dispel rumors and uncover the underlying truth and value behind rehab. Don’t let your inhibitions hold you back from treatment. Instead, check out our response to these four common detox myths, to help inform your own decisions.

Detox Myth #1: Detox doesn’t work

Detox is necessary for any person hoping to achieve recovery from addiction. The body will naturally rid itself of toxins, which is often painful and sometimes dangerous. Completing detox in the safety and comfort of a detox center is highly preferable to any alternative. The nearness of medical and mental health staff and the abundance of relevant support cannot be found elsewhere.

From a purely professional perspective, detox centers are also incredibly reliable. Detox units can apply for an accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF), which designates centers that use ethical treatments and evidence-based practices and are among the most effective centers. Visit CARF’s website for more info.

Sadly, a successful detox does not guarantee a successful long-term recovery from addiction. In the mental health and medical communities, professionals abide by the principal of a patient’s right to self-determination. This means that professionals can recommend and encourage treatments, but do not interfere with personal decisions. Therefore, the true effectiveness of a detox center is up to you. You will be equipped to leave substances behind and lead a new life, but consistently pursuing freedom from addiction struggles needs to be your choice.

Detox Myth #2: Detox is only a short-term solution

Detox itself implies a short-term process. For most drugs and alcohol, the actual process of dispelling toxic substances from your body takes a few weeks. Yet, we all know recovery doesn’t end there. Achieving long-term sobriety from substances takes months, years or even decades for some individuals. Can a short-term program really impact a person’s life for that long?

The short answer is yes, and here’s why. A medical detox center is designed to help you rid the body of chemicals that are harmful to you. These centers are staffed with highly educated professionals who teach skills and proven strategies to maintain sobriety, methods that you’ll remember and use for the rest of your life. These therapists and medical practitioners offer a plethora of experience, and can use their extensive repertoire to give you the tools most suited to you on your recovery journey.

Moreover, at a detox center you will not walk away empty-handed. You’ll have numerous resources at your disposal, including access to classes, continued outpatient treatment and a team that knows you and your unique situation personally. Starting detox can set you up for life-long success when you take advantage of the help offered.

Detox Myth #3: Detoxing in a center is worse than detoxing on my own

Let’s get this straight – detox is not a painless process. Detoxing from any substance is often a painful, laborious process. There are numerous side effects to detox that could even be life-threatening. The aches a person will experience as the toxins leave the body may even be enough to drive someone back to the addictive substance. Detoxing on your own is not only agonizing, but it can also be dangerous.

Detoxing solo is not worth jeopardizing the headway you’ve made toward getting clean. If you’ve decided to seek the liberated life of sobriety, commit to supporting yourself through a healthy detox. Medical professionals in a detox center can help you detox safely and mitigate some of the irritating symptoms, while further protecting you against life-threatening side effects through medication management.

Detox Myth #4: Everyone will judge me if I go to a detox center

Rest assured that you will not be judged in a detox center. The medical and mental health professionals are present specifically for your benefit. They’ve seen hundreds or even thousands of people in your shoes. They may even have close emotional ties to their line of work, like a loved one who struggled with addiction or personal hurdles they’ve overcome. As for the other residents of a detox center, there’s a sense of camaraderie that comes with the shared experience of detox that generally inclines people toward compassion.

If you’ve found yourself needing to detox from a substance, chances are that people already know you’re struggling. Your family and friends will support your decision, even if they have a misconstrued viewpoint about detox being shameful. Framing detox as a step towards recovery should help people to understand that it is not only beneficial, but something to be proud of.

If you’re ready to leave your hesitations behind, get in touch with Pyramid Healthcare today. Pyramid Healthcare offers plenty of options to help you pursue a satisfying life through long-term sobriety. Whether you are looking for a medical detox center, outpatient services or treatment support, call (301) 997-1300 to get started.

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