Helping Young Adults with a Mental Illness into Adulthood

Published On: January 4, 2018|Categories: Adolescents, Mental Health|
Mental health and adulthood

Mental health is something that affects everyone in different ways, and young adults in particular must navigate many changing aspects of wellness. Young adults that have experienced psychiatric illness can face many distinct challenges; parents sometimes wonder exactly how teens and young adults affected by mental illness will grow up into adulthood. Although these emerging adults face some extra challenges, there is no reason to lose hope. Many adults live healthy, happy, independent lives even with mental illness.

Young Adults With Bipolar Disorder

Young adults diagnosed with bipolar disorder experience a range of symptoms that can get in the way of holding down a job, attending school, and being in successful relationships. Managing these symptoms is very important and people with this condition must take their management needs very seriously. Seeking out qualified clinicians as well as support programs can be challenging, but it is very important.

When preparing to go away for college, someone with bipolar disorder should consider the following:

  • What nearby doctors are available for medication management?
  • Are there local psychiatrists that can be depended on for prescription services?
    Are there area counselors or therapists that are experienced working with bipolar clients?
  • What student health services are available on campus?
  • Are there crisis line services available?

Most large cities will have all these services and others besides; however, colleges in rural areas may be less likely to provide access to the spectrum of care that people with bipolar disorder are likely to need. If this need is known, it can affect one’s choice of school.

Young Adults with Major Depressive Disorder

Depression can complicate many aspects of becoming a successful adult, including holding down a regular job. Many people with depression find that their symptoms are eased by having a strong and dependable routine. Young adults must become adept at developing a schedule for themselves, including choosing a reasonable bedtime and time to wake up. These simple choices can have profound effects on how manageable a person’s depression is. Young adults can practice independence by learning to set their own schedule. This is an important time management skill that will help teens mature gracefully into adulthood.

Young Adults with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder can seriously hamper a person’s ability to cope with daily life. Many different things can arouse anxiety; once triggered, anxiety can cause debilitating panic attacks and other serious problems. Therapy and medication in combination can help people with generalized anxiety disorder live successfully and happily. Learning to discern the triggers for panic attacks is important, as is developing skills for managing anxiety as it arises. Therapists experienced in working with clients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder can be very helpful in the transition to adulthood.

Pyramid Healthcare offers treatment programs of varying intensities to meet the needs of adolescents. Having the right support makes a big difference. We believe that young people living with mental illness can emerge into adulthood as strong, capable individuals.

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