Pyramid’s Client-Centered Treatment Approach

Published On: November 21, 2017|Categories: Addiction Treatment, Mental Health Treatment, News|

Beginning the process of seeking help with drug and alcohol issues is many times an emotional strain and a scary ordeal for all of those affected by the disease of addiction. This includes the person seeking help as well as his or her family, loved ones, employer, community, and society at large.

As a treatment provider, Pyramid Healthcare prides itself on integrity and clear presentation of clinical values; we are always honest with the people we are trying to help. Our continuum of care eases the treatment process by allowing individuals to remain in the Pyramid Healthcare system as they progress through treatment.

A focus on nurturing the success of our clients allows Pyramid Healthcare to maintain its dedication to a client-centered treatment approach. In order to strengthen this approach, we constantly strive to learn and improve. We always remind ourselves that we must focus not only on each individual client, but also their families, the facilities, and our staff who work hard to provide the high-functioning daily approach to the treatment milieu.

Our dedicated staff is committed to the vision of Pyramid Healthcare. It is this commitment that helps people suffering from addiction and their families to find peace in this process, as well as the hope that understanding can bring. Essentially, helping our clients and their families find growth towards a better way of life is our only concern.

One of the biggest hurdles is trust. Often, addiction ruins the trust between a client, his or her family, loved ones, and ultimately, society in general. If an individual has previously gone through the treatment process and struggled with relapse, it may be difficult to build trust in a recovery program. Through our honest and ethical approach, Pyramid Healthcare helps to rebuild that trust.

Finally, our team-oriented approach contributes to our ultimate goal: high-quality results and excellence in every facet of the treatment continuum. In addition to using proven and evidence-based modalities in our approach to treatment, Pyramid Healthcare staff collaborates internally to gain unique insights and knowledge. This allows us to provide clients and families with the best care and continuum options for every situation.

To find out if Pyramid Healthcare is the right treatment provider for you, view our treatment offerings at our locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, or call (888) 694-9996 today.

Written by Mike Loy, Assistant Director of Needs Assessment


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