Mental Health Treatment at Pyramid Healthcare in Ohio

Mental Health Day Treatment (MHDT)

Mental health day treatment (MHDT) is a highly structured outpatient treatment program for clients with mental health disorders as an alternative to, or as a step down from, residential care. MHDT is designed to stabilize some of the more severe mental health symptoms in adults such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and self-harm.

Our mental health day treatment program meets 3-5 days per week for  3-5 hours each day, allowing clients to return home at the end of each treatment day. Each client’s treatment plan is individualized and developed in collaboration with their treatment team.

Our mental health day treatment focuses on development of recovery skills, day-to-day coping strategies and management of symptoms and triggers. The program includes group therapy and at least one hour of individual therapy each week.

Goals of mental health day treatment

  • Develop skills for recovery and daily life
  • Develop interpersonal competency
  • Increase functionality in relationships with friends, peers, family and employers
  • Create connection to community
  • Learn problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Improve behavior management
  • Develop positive coping mechanisms
  • Manage mental health and increase functionality to enhance school/work opportunities
  • Enhance independent living

Psychiatry and Medication Management

Part of our mental health day treatment program includes psychiatric services and support in managing medications. This may include evaluating and adjusting any current prescriptions you’re taking, switching medications or starting a new medication. Our psychiatry team works with each client and their unique needs and goals to determine if pharmaceutical intervention is necessary and how it can support the recovery journey. Learn more about psychiatry and medication management here.

Contact Us Today

If you’re wondering if mental health day treatment is right for you, contact our admissions team online or at (937) 637-1860to discuss your options. Each client is given a level-of-care assessment to determine their specific treatment needs.