The Importance of Drug Detox for Your Body’s Health

Published On: January 10, 2022|Categories: Addiction Treatment|
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One of the initial steps in overcoming addiction is enrolling in a drug detox program. While detox can be intimidating for a number of reasons, the benefits of drug detox for the body make the entire process worthwhile. 

Not only does drug detox benefit the body, it benefits you as a whole, cleansing your system and preparing you for the recovery journey. 

Drug detox rids the body of dangerous toxins 

It goes without saying that drugs are unnatural chemicals that upset the functioning of the body and mind. As drug use increases, the body requires more and more of the drug to feel the same effect and avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. 

Even though the effects of the drug wear off over time, the toxins of these chemicals still remain within the body’s system. Drug detox, including medically assisted detox, helps to flush all of these toxins out of the body. This gives the body and mind a fresh slate on which to begin recovery.

It resets the body’s systems, allowing them to heal

When you are under the influence of drugs, your brain stops functioning the way it’s supposed to. Stimulant drugs hijack the parts of the brain utilized in releasing pleasure hormones, like serotonin and dopamine, and provide the body with more of these chemicals than is naturally possible. 

This synthetic hijacking of the brain’s functioning is dangerous and takes time to reset. Through detox, the brain is forced to once again begin producing these chemicals on its own. While this can be painful initially, it significantly increases the health of the brain in the long run. 

Additionally, many drugs impact the brain’s ability to rationalize, make decisions and communicate with itself and the body. With the removal of these drugs, the brain can once again think and communicate clearly with the body’s systems.

It significantly reduces the risk of illnesses related to drug use

Not even considering the damage drugs do to the brain, there are countless health conditions linked to drug use. These include: 

  • Dental problems related to meth use
  • Risk of overdose and death from opioids
  • Damage of destruction of nerve cells from inhalants
  • HIV/Hepatitis C
  • Risks of numerous infections from needles
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer

While this list is not all-inclusive, it does include an alarming number of physical health conditions. Undergoing drug detox helps to significantly reduce the likelihood of these occurring as a direct result of substance abuse.

It decreases mental health disorders related to drug use 

Known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders, many individuals addicted to substances also find themselves battling a connected mental health condition, like depression or anxiety. When one goes through drug detox, the drug is eliminated from the body. This can significantly lessen the appearance of co-occurring disorder symptoms. 

That being said, drug detox is primarily for the physical aspect of addiction treatment. The second half of addiction treatment, or the parts of treatment that include mental health counseling techniques, are necessary for treating the parts of the mind affected by these mental health conditions. 

When detox and clinical mental health counseling are combined, you can experience the overwhelming benefits of both, that is, freedom and health in mind and body. 

It gives way to mental clarity 

As an interconnected whole, what happens to the physical body directly affects what goes on in the mind. This is one of the reasons so many mental health conditions arise in individuals battling substance abuse. 

However, when the body is cleansed of foreign substances, the mind also gets a fresh start. No longer negatively impacted by the pressures of the drug or the need to constantly find and use more, the mind is free to engage in previously enjoyed activities, like hobbies and relationships. In other words, by cleansing your body, you give your mind new life.

Considering drug detox? 

If you are concerned about the progression of substance use in your life or want to break a habit of addiction, it might be time to consider drug detox and addiction treatment. Not only will drug detox benefit your body by lessening physical symptoms and risks associated with drug use, but it will also significantly increase your overall mental health.

To begin your journey towards recovery, reach out to Pyramid Healthcare today at 888-694-9996.

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