What is Sublocade?

Published On: September 21, 2021|Categories: Addiction Treatment|
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Breaking a drug addiction is a mental and physical battle that can seem impossible to win. Sometimes, a rehab program on its own isn’t enough to overcome an opioid addiction. If you’ve struggled to kick your substance use habit, it may be time to add Sublocade to your treatment regimen.

What is Sublocade?

Sublocade is the brand name for a prescription drug containing buprenorphine, which is used in the treatment of opioid addictions. Sublocade is used to lessen withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings for those who are receiving medication-assisted treatment.

While some forms of buprenorphine are available as tablets, Sublocade is only available via injection under the skin and is administered exclusively by trained healthcare providers through a supervised program; it is given once monthly. Sublocade can be used to treat opioid addictions that stem from prescription use or illegal drug use.

How does Sublocade work?

Sublocade works by blocking the reward sensation of opioids. When Sublocade is taken, the medication attaches to the brain’s opioid receptors, meaning other harmful opioids are less likely to attach. 

Sublocade is only administered in controlled settings. While the medication can be helpful for those recovering from opioid addiction, there is potential to develop a dependency on the substance. It can also have dangerous side effects (such as breathing problems) if it is self-injected into a vein outside of a regulated program. While Sublocade can be an effective tool to help break addictions, it should only be used in supervised settings.

Taking Sublocade could be the key to your recovery from opioid use disorder. If you’re interested in starting a Sublocade program or have questions about the process, it’s best to have a conversation with your doctor first. Moreover, if you experience adverse side effects at any time while using Sublocade, contact your healthcare provider.

What are Sublocade benefits for recovery?

Lessens withdrawal symptoms: when you’re detoxing from opioids, the withdrawal period can be the most excruciating part. Symptoms can be severe and often individuals struggling with addictions will turn back to a drug to get temporary relief. Sublocade can help lessen your chance of relapse by minimizing the effects of withdrawal.

Long-acting relief: while Sublocade itself is not a pain relief medication, it is slowly released, easing cravings and decreasing withdrawal symptoms over the course of several weeks. While the majority of opioid withdrawal symptoms may be over within a week or two, many may linger longer, making Sublocade a helpful part of long-term treatment.

Safety: when you’re taking Sublocade you can be sure that the substance is safe for you to use. It is only administered in regulated facilities by licensed professionals through the Sublocade Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Program. Sublocade is also approved for usage in opioid addiction treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Access to treatment: you can also rest easy knowing that when you’re participating in a Sublocade program you’ll also have quick access to other services and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Quick recovery: too often recovery takes several attempts before a person is successful in life-long sobriety. With the help of Sublocade, you can avoid relapse and have a more effective treatment experience. Withdrawal symptoms can work against you in getting clean and cravings can distract you from making important progress in counseling. Sublocade can give you a leg up in treatment by blocking the effects of opioids.

Proven treatment: Sublocade has been shown to increase rates of success for those recovering from opioid use disorder. In addition to effectively reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, the slow-release feature of Sublocade can decrease the risk of treatment dropout for those who might struggle to commit to daily intake of medications according to the journal Therapies.

The importance of treatment

While Sublocade can surely offer some real benefits for those struggling to break free from a drug addiction, it is only part of the complete picture. Full treatment always includes counseling as part of recovery. Moreover, other supports like 12 step programs, vocational training and family services are always recommended to reinforce the treatment you’re getting.

Start today

Starting your journey towards freedom with Sublocade doesn’t have to wait. Pyramid Healthcare is an addiction recovery provider with over 60 locations in the Pennsylvania area that can give you the medication-assisted treatment you need as you break free from opioids. Pyramid Healthcare partners with several insurance providers and provides financial scholarships so you can get the help you need. Call 888-694-9996 today.

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