For the Best Quality Treatment, Look for a CARF Accredited Provider

Published On: August 6, 2021|Categories: Addiction Treatment|

When searching for a mental health counseling or addiction treatment provider, no matter what you want to make sure the center is accredited. What is accreditation and what can it do for you? Long story short, it ensures you receive some of the best care possible from highly educated, professionally trained individuals at a facility that holds itself to some of the highest quality standards.

Why look for accredited?

A variety of businesses and educational programs receive accreditation from the appropriate accreditors as a mark of quality. If pursuing a master’s degree, you’ll want to receive your degree from an accredited institution in order to receive the best education possible. If you’re visiting an animal sanctuary, you’ll want to double-check its accreditation so you don’t end up supporting a roadside attraction. Same goes for when you’re looking into a treatment provider for mental health services (or medical services), you’ll want to make sure the rehab, detox or counseling center is accredited.

Accreditation in any institution ensures optimal quality, professional staff and overall respect and dedication to the mission of the institution. It is also the mindset of always improving based on the feedback and needs of the clients.

CARF accreditation

Certain accreditors are assigned to certain areas of expertise; obviously, a treatment center accreditor will not provide accreditation for an animal sanctuary or master’s program. CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) is such an accreditation designed specifically for examining the quality of programs such as opioid treatment programs, behavioral health services, child and youth services and medical rehabilitation.

How do treatment centers become CARF accredited?

In order to become CARF accredited, the program and business practices of a service provider are first examined internally. They must be open to improvement and the implementation of the feedback provided by the accreditors. A survey is then completed whereby a number of CARF representatives examine the service provider (such as the rehabilitation facility) and make sure that the rigorous CARF standards are met within the facility. 

Once the decision is made that the facility meets the quality standards, it receives accreditation and becomes recognized internationally as such. In order to keep quality high and the programs relevant and updated, the CARF’s quality standards are reviewed and updated on a yearly basis based on peer reviews and feedback from the field itself. 

Contingent upon receiving accreditation, the service provider must make changes to areas the survey identified as needing improvement by submitting a Quality Improvement Plan. Plus, the service provider is required, throughout the accreditation term, to submit documents stating what new improvements have been made.

Why look for CARF accreditation?

Choosing to enter into a rehabilitation program can be a scary thought. Many unknowns come hand in hand with deciding to partake in treatment, such as what will it be like? Will it be hard? Will the staff be kind and helpful? Will rehab truly help me overcome this addiction? With so many questions and uncertainties on your mind, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether or not you’re going to receive quality care. 

When looking for a rehab or treatment provider, you can eliminate a fair number of options by refusing any center without accreditation. By choosing to stick to only accredited treatment centers, you can guarantee that you’ll be well taken care of. When choosing a CARF accredited treatment center, you will know that not only is the treatment center top quality, it’s constantly making improvements based on the experiences and feedback of both clients and staff alike.

Do the best for your recovery

Treatment centers like Pyramid Healthcare are in a positive statement of movement towards improvement at all times. Not only do they strive for quality treatment, they continuously work to one-up themselves in this commitment to offer their clients the best. Whether you are looking for an addiction treatment center for yourself or a loved one, you can rest assured in the best treatment program, from the admissions process to post-treatment follow-up sessions, by sticking to a CARF accredited treatment facility. 

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