Our Altoona Detox and Residential facility offers detox for adults in Duncansville, PA and surrounding Blair County areas. This center also offers individualized inpatient rehab for adults suffering from addiction and/or co-occurring mental health disorders.

Both physical and mental health are important in the recovery journey. Our clients now have access to a new onsite fitness center and large outdoor space where they can begin developing a healthy lifestyle while in our care.

Our services

This location provides the following services:

Client Resource Center

Our Duncansville location now offers a dedicated space for clients to utilize to assist in developing a supportive aftercare plan prior to discharge. Clients have the ability to use this space to work on a variety of areas to ensure they are given the best chance to be successful in their recovery prior to discharge.  These include:

  • Life skills groups
  • Resume building
  • Job application/support
  • Aftercare planning
  • Housing planning

Additionally, this space can be made available to community partners in order to complete education sessions or presentations with clients.

Treatment Curriculum for Veterans

Veterans are at increased risk of developing behavioral health conditions, including substance use disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), moral injury, depression, suicidal ideation and more. And because of their unique experiences serving in the military, veterans have different treatment needs and considerations than the general behavioral health treatment population.

At our Altoona Detox & Residential Treatment Program, we are proud to offer Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery Programs, a specialized curriculum developed specifically for the unique needs of veterans.  Contact us today to learn more.

Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery Programs icon

Pyramid Healthcare in Altoona is a Veteran Ready Organization, recognized by Psych Armor

Pyramid Healthcare has partnered with PsychArmor, the leader in military culture training, to achieve Veteran Ready Certification at its Altoona Detox & Residential Treatment Center. By taking this step to offer enhanced training for employees, the Altoona team has demonstrated its commitment to offering a more genuine connection and better support for those in military and Veteran communities. Recognizing that the experiences of military personnel are much different from those of nonmilitary personnel, programs with Veteran Ready Certification structure their content to address the unique needs and strengths of servicemembers, Veterans and their families, while also ensuring the provision of evidence-based therapeutic interventions.


While in a drug or alcohol detox program, clients are unable to receive visitors or make phone calls, with the exception of a courtesy call upon admission and transition to a residential facility. Once in the residential program in Duncansville, clients are able to make phone calls up to two times per week.

Any items dropped off must be pre-approved. Please call (888) 694-9996 to confirm visitation hours as well as policies, as they are subject to change without notice.

Insurance and Payment

Our Duncansville location accepts state and county funding, as well as Medical Assistance (Medicaid). We also work with unions and Employee Assistance Programs to make our Blair County treatment programs affordable. In addition, we also accept a variety of finance options, including self-payment via cash, personal check or credit card.

ASAM Levels of Care

Services Offered Here

  • ⤷ Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

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  • ⤷ Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse

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  • ⤷ Treatment for Veterans

    veterans treatment

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