Tips On Addiction Treatment During a Pandemic

Published On: May 12, 2020|Categories: Addiction Treatment, News|
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Directly From Our Patient Experts at Pyramid Walden

At Pyramid Healthcare, we believe that each patient is their own expert on what works for them in recovery. We strive to provide the medical and clinical tools and peer specialist and case management skills patients need, as they discover their unique recovery pathways. Even as our patients seek healing from the brain-based illness of substance use disorder, they are a resource to themselves and others on this journey of positive choices.

With our philosophy about our patients, we thought, “who better to offer some tips for addiction treatment to those thinking about entering rehab during the COVID-19 pandemic than those going through it?”

In a recent session at our Charlotte Hall Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, men and women actively working on changing their lives paid it forward to others who might benefit from the program with these tips:


  • “I came into recovery during COVID-19 because I want a better life, no matter what. Make sure that you are honest with yourself and make it the best for you.”
  • “I was scared, but I promise you, this is a wonderful place for recovery.”
  • “I had relapsed at the beginning of COVID-19, lost my job, house, and crashed my car into a concrete wall. I have never been in rehab, so I took a leap of faith and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I have learned so much about myself and problems in my mind, heart and spirit. To be successful in rehab, be open, honest and focused. Take the time to truly get to know yourself.”
  • “I came to recovery during COVID-19 because I was worried that if drugs didn’t kill me, the virus would. And then I realized that my life was worth so much more, and I decided right then and there that I was worth taking a real shot at life. The battle won was well worth the fight!


  • “Don’t wait until it is too late because of this virus. Do it now! You will thank yourself.”
  • “Coming to rehab could be the best decision of your life regardless of if COVID-19 is currently happening. Just know some things will be different here just like everywhere else right now. We are in smaller groups and social distancing is in effect. Now might be the best time to come to rehab since the rest of the world is on hold anyways.”
  • “It is hard leaving loved ones at a time like this, but you have to take care of yourself first.”
  • “Be ready to split into smaller groups, wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and experience some online and in-person meetings.”
  • “The small groups that are necessary now build better relationships and make it easier to open up. Don’t discourage yourself.”
  • “Take advantage of the recovery literature, groups, and meetings—they are even better when you join in and express your feelings and opinions.”


Our team at Pyramid Healthcare is sincerely grateful to all the men and women who had the courage to choose recovery and share their story – and for everyone at our facility’s cooperation in keeping one another safe by following the recommended safety measures while in treatment!

Patients are healthcare heroes, too!

Become one today by calling us at (301) 997-1300 or contacting us online today.

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