Outpatient Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment in Stroudsburg, PA

Pyramid Healthcare’s Stroudsburg outpatient rehabilitation center provides drug and alcohol treatment – as well as mental health treatment – for adults and teens.

Stroudsburg offers intensive outpatient (IOP) and general outpatient (GOP) treatment for adults as well as general outpatient (GOP)  for adolescents.

Our services

Treatment services at this location include:

These and other services help adults take concrete steps toward relief and recovery.

Services are available by appointment during the day or evening.  To make an appointment at this location, please call (570) 420-7939.  Our Stroudsburg office is accessible via public transportation.

Pyramid Healthcare in Stroudsburg, PA offers a specialized Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) designed for adults dealing with substance abuse issues. This program provides a robust level of care without full hospitalization, allowing clients to engage in daily structured therapeutic sessions while continuing to live at home. Focusing on holistic recovery, Pyramid Healthcare’s PHP supports individuals in their journey towards long-term sobriety and mental wellness, incorporating a variety of therapeutic modalities and support systems to foster recovery and personal growth.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP, ASAM level 2.1) for substance use treatment offers 2 tracks that follow our evidence-based Matrix Model of group structures and topics. Though length of stay varies based on clinical progress, clients typically attend 3 groups per week, each 3 hours in length and up to 2 individual sessions per month for up to 8 weeks.

Our general outpatient program (GOP, ASAM level 1.0) for substance use treatment offers 2 tracks that includes one 3 hour group per week and two 1 hour individual sessions per month for up to 8 weeks as determined by clinical progress.

Our adolescent general outpatient program (GOP, ASAM level 1.0) for substance use treatment consists of bi-weekly individual sessions in addition to a weekly group once per week for 3 hours. Average length of stay at this level is 8 weeks, depending on treatment progress including attendance, participation, and maintained sobriety.

We offer client-centered individual and family counseling with treatment frequency determined by clinical need. This service is available for clients ages 12 and up. Clients have access to a psychiatrist and ongoing medication management as needed throughout participation in the program. Clients must attend 2 sessions prior to each psychiatric appointment. We are currently accepting CCBHO, Optum & Highmark insurance, with more to come.

Individuals enrolled in our drug and alcohol treatment programs can receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with Vivitrol®, Suboxone®, or Sublocade® in conjunction with their treatment services in one convenient location. These services are appropriate for people who are addicted to alcohol, heroin, or other opiates. Individuals enrolled in this service also attend a MAT Maintenance group once per month.

In our Recovery Support Services (RSS) program, clients in early recovery collaborate with individuals who have successfully overcome substance use disorders. These certified peer supports serve as recovery coaches, resource brokers, confidants, advocates and role models. RSS foster a sense of independence while helping clients to avoid relapse and achieve recovery.

Center of Excellence

This office is also the location for Pyramid Healthcare’s Center of Excellence, as designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Individuals are paired with a Certified Recovery Specialist who provides advocacy and support to help them successfully remain in treatment.

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