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Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Maryland

Pyramid Healthcare operates both residential and outpatient facilities throughout Maryland. We maintain five locations in California, Charlotte Hall, Lexington Park, Harford County and Waldorf. Some services may be exclusive to certain locations, so please click on a location page below for a brief overview of what each location offers, including directions and contact information.

Our Maryland Leadership Team

Vice President of Operations
Dominic Barone, [email protected]

Vice President of Operations
Charlotte Chew, [email protected]

Medical Director
Dr. Anika Alvanzo, [email protected]

Director of Marketing
Drew Wallace, [email protected]

Discover Your Local Treatment Center Below

  • Residential

    California, MD

    Exterior of Walden California
  • Residential

    Charlotte Hall, MD

    Exterior of Walden Charlotte Hall
  • Residential

    Harford County, MD

    Walden Harford County
  • Outpatient

    Lexington Park, MD

    Exterior of Walden Lexington Park
  • Outpatient

    Waldorf, MD

    Exterior of Walden Waldorf